Delivery Time: 24-72 Hours

Service for O2 UK Generic phones ONLY
Before ordering the service insert not accepted sim card
and make sure the phone is asking for SIM network Pin code
If the phone is asking for PUK or another code,
OR if the counter is Blocked by many wrong codes previously entered
DO not Order please

NO REFUND on Blocked counters
or wrong carrier/Model
Please make sure everything is being ordered carefully
The supplier do not provide any kind of refund
No Verification Request Accepted

Tesco Not Supported.
Blocked/Lost/Stolen Not Supported

Blackberry 9720 Submit at own risk, only 1 code is returned,
sometimes work sometimes not, due to old/new security.
No Refund for Samsung Non Working Code Even With Video
As Codes Always Correct But Sometimes Samsung Need Codes Other Than NCK